Gold mining in Mongolia killing the rivers and the largest trout in the world

Here is another interesting story about how gold mining is killing the rivers of Mongolia and hurting the population of the largest trout in the world, the taimen.

The True Cost of Gold
In the “Land of the Blue Sky” researchers are exploring ways of saving the rivers of Mongolia that have been nearly destroyed by gold mining operations in the region.
by National Geographic

Giant Catfish

Over fishing is reducing the Giant Catfish of the Mekong river.

The Elusive Giant Catfish
Biologist Zeb Hogan travels the mighty Mekong River in search of the increasingly elusive Giant Catfish.
by National Geographic

Sharks in Colorado… not likely

This is a sad story about how some shark species are being wiped out. Shark fin soup, NO WAY! Horrible, just horrible.

Shark Alert! Species Struggle
After 450 million years swimming in the ocean, some shark species are on the verge of extinction – mainly due to overfishing.
by National Geographic